We Like Beer. We Like Museums. We Know We're Not The Only Ones.

Beer lovers are thirsty for more than just ales, lagers and imperial stouts. They’re eager to drink in everything they can in the way of beer knowledge, including its history, the stories of the people that make it and how it flows through our entire way of life. The Chicago Brewseum will quench that thirst in a fun, dynamic way that only Chicago can.


The Chicago Brewseum highlights the dynamic culture and innovative history of one of the world’s most vibrant industries.  By using stories of the past and tales of the present, the Chicago Brewseum takes a deeper look into one of the oldest beverages and its power to build community and its importance as an ongoing cultural force.


The Chicago Brewseum is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit cultural organization.  Our home will be a multi-story facility housed in a historic, LEED-Certified building. Visitors will take in engaging, interactive exhibits profiling stories of beer history and culture.  Stay tuned for an announcement on our location soon.


A museum celebrating beer without serving up the libation would seem. . . well, dry.  The Chicago Brewseum will serve up crafts from the best local, regional, national, and international breweries—including unique brews concocted by our own resident brewers in our very own nanobrewery.  Can you expect to see innovative collaborative brews rooted in history and culture?  Absolutely!


The world's beer history, culture and community has impacted a myriad of other industries and social and economic issues. The Chicago Brewseum will celebrate the close relationship and influence beer enjoys around the world, highlighting Chicago as a world-class city and world-class destination rooted in the story of beer. Temporary exhibition spaces will feature beer’s role in other industries as well as the beer history and culture of other world cities.


The Chicago Brewseum will be more than just a place to enjoy, celebrate and learn about beer.  Public programs will take place in collaboration with various exhibitions and cultural partners.  Classrooms will offer different kind of educational opportunities.  The facility will invite special private events to gather in the rooftop beer garden and other indoor spaces.

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We’d love to hear from you—whether you’d like to help the Chicago Brewseum get up and running, have an idea for a fascinating exhibit, or want to share a long-shared story passed through generations of your beer-loving family, we’re interested in what you have to say.

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