The Chicago Brewseum is going on tour!

The Windy City may be our home, but we are committed to exploring beer's cultural and historical significance nationally and around the globe.

At various times throughout the year, we’ll be heading to other cities to collaborate with colleagues around the country to bring you a series of beer focused programs and events in their fine cities.

September 4 - 8, 2019: seattle, washington

Join us this Fall in the Pacific Northwest for another slew of events that bring amazing organizations together to celebrate beer history, culture and collaboration.

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Brew A Fair! dinner + discussion. september 4, 8pm. WINDY CITY PIE.

Gather with us for a casual discussion about beer’s impact on iconic world’s fairs in Chicago, Seattle, and Portland, paired with an authentic Chicago-style pizza dinner and historic Chicago Brewseum collaboration beer brought in from Chicago. Features artifacts on display from multiple fairs, courtesy of the Olympia Tumwater Foundation and private collections.

Beer + Glass Exhibition Opening Reception. september 5, 6pm. pilchuck glass school.

We’ve partnered with the world renowned Pilchuck Glass School to create a special exhibition that celebrates the relationship between beer and glass. Our opening reception includes the premier viewing of the exhibition which features interpretations of historic beer glassware styles and bottles by five expert glass artists. The evening also offers beer as well as the launch of a special collaboration beer - made just for the exhibition and partnership - by Pike Brewing Company in Seattle and Chicago’s Forbidden Root Brewery.

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It’s the People! How Brewing History (Re)Formed Olympia-Tumwater and Chicago september 6, 7pm. the schmidt house.

What can a brewery mean for its community? Is brewing beer just a business, or can it achieve something more? Join us for a beer and a special conversation about what breweries mean for communities. This unique panel discusses the brewing industry’s influence on the Chicago and Olympia-Tumwater communities, past and present. Featuring experts from the Chicago Brewseum, Olympia Tumwater Foundation, Oregon State University, and the City of Tumwater as well as a special historic beer from Olympia’s Well 80 Brewhouse.


beer + Glass: A field trip! september 7, 12pm-5pm. Pilchuck glass school campus in stanwood, wa.

Travel with us from Seattle to Stanwood for a private afternoon tour of Pilchuck Glass School’s beautiful Stanwood campus. The custom crafted afternoon offers transportation, a tour of the campus, glass-blowing demonstrations with American Master Glasslower, Ed Schmid, a lively sensory discussion with beer expert and author Randy Mosher, as well as food and beer (naturally).

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Beside the Bine: the humanity of hop cultivation. september 7, 7pm. the Pine box.

The hops in our beer have stories to tell and tonight we celebrate the unique and historic experiences of the hop pickers who help give American beer its flavor. The event features experts from the Chicago Brewseum and Oregon State University as well as beers commemorating past and present hop cultivators from event sponsor Bale Breaker Brewing Company.

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culture de la biere day. september 8, 12pm. Métier Brewing Company

The Chicago Brewseum leads a panel on inclusivity and African-American brewing throughout U.S. history. For each pint sold, Métier will make a donation to the Black Heritage Society of Washington State. The afternoon also includes a fun workshop on becoming a Cicerone Certified Craft Beer Server with Jackie Dodd, aka The Beeroness.

APRIL 18 - 20, 2019: WASHINGTON, D.C.

In April, we spent some time in Washington DC to meet with other beer scholars, museum educators and beer makers to host a whirlwind of events. Thanks to our partners Heurich House, Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, President Lincoln’s Cottage, Lost Lagers, DC Beer, Right Proper Brewing and Powers Farm & Brewery for a fantastic time rooted in culture and history.