• Driehaus Museum (map)
  • 40 E. Erie St.
  • Chicago, IL 60611

Chicago history is rooted in the story of beer and the immigrant communities who built it.  German-Americans, in particular, were vital to Chicago’s late 19th-century urban development and to the very fabric of her socio-cultural landscape.  Historian and Chicago Brewseum founder, Liz Garibay, shares stories of how these immigrants--through industry, craft, innovation and culture--helped shape the city. Doug Hurst, co-founder and head brewer of Metropolitan Brewing, discusses how German beer styles are making an impact on modern craft beer and how 19th Century German America influences beer makers today.

The evening includes the chance to sample and celebrate a variety of Metropolitan beers. Presented in partnership with the Driehaus Museum.

This conversation is part of the Beer History + Culture Project, a two-year national collaboration dedicated to highlighting, preserving, and celebrating beer history and culture and building national support for the Chicago Brewseum.