Unique Exhibit Showcases Chicago’s Love Affair With Beer (Jan. 2019)

“Here in Chicago, if you like space, you head to the Adler Planetarium. In an artsy mood? You can head over to the Art Institute, or the MCA. More macabre museum-goers can check out the collections at the Museum of Surgical Science. There’s even a museum for pizza. But now there’s finally something for the beer-loving history buff, too.

Visitors can now learn about the city’s colorful beer-brewing past in an exhibit brought about by the Chicago Brewseum and hosted at the Field Museum. The exhibit Brewing Up Chicago: How Beer Transformed a City, dives into the city’s early brewery history while showing beer fans what it was like to visit Chicago’s first saloon. Morning Shift sits down with historian and Chicago Brewseum founder Liz Garibay, and the Field Museum’s Megan Williams.”


A pint-sized beer exhibit at the Field Museum explores Chicago’s thirsty origins (Dec. 2018)

“From this earliest instance of civil unrest known as the 1855 Lager Beer Riot, which laid the groundwork for Chicago’s rough-and-tumble politics, to the 19th century brewery-induced building boom that would establish the city as an architectural powerhouse, beer has played a pivotal role in the birth and development of Chicago. You can experience these stories up close at “Brewing Up Chicago,” an exhibit created by the nonprofit Chicago Brewseum that runs through January 2020 at the Field Museum…”


Brewing Up Chicago: Field Museum raises a glass with Chicago beer history exhibit (nov. 2018)

There are surely very few people who believe Chicago brewing started with Revolution, or even with Goose Island. But it’s one thing to know about the city’s history of suds-friendly German immigrants and of “tied houses,” bar buildings bearing old brewery logos in the masonry and dedicated to serving those beers. It’s another still to have the 19th-century history of Chicago beermaking laid out right before you, and in a reputable scientific museum and everything…”